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Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Credit Human lend in every state?
    Credit Human offers financing programs in all states except: AK, HI, VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI, NJ & MI.

  2. Do you offer financing on leased land?
    Credit Human offers financing for homes located on privately leased land, communities with lot or space rent and homes on private land where the home and land are not deeded as real property.

  3. When do eligible MLO’s receive their compensation?
    A check will be sent out from Credit Human between 2-10 days after the loan funds.

  4. Is it possible to earn more than $500 for referring a customer’s loan to Credit Human?
    Credit Human offers a fixed $500 mortgage broker compensation per funded loan. This is regardless of the state the loan is funded in and loan size. There is no application process for brokers eligible and interested in this program. Mortgage brokers that are interested in processing and earning participation per file must become an approved business partner with our regional offices at Credit Human. To learn more please contact your Credit Human Business Development Executive or e-mail us at

  5. I am a licensed mortgage loan originator, not currently affiliated with a sponsoring mortgage broker, am I still eligible to receive a referral?
    To be eligible to receive compensation from Credit Human for referring a customer as a loan originator you must meet the following criteria:

    The individual must be employed by a licensed mortgage broker.

    Both the originator and business must be licensed in the state in which the transaction is closed.

  6. What type of appraisal is needed for my client’s loan?
    Determination of value for a manufactured home can vary depending upon the location and type of home. If a manufactured home is located in a leased land community, there are 2 options in determining the value: a comparable based appraisal or an NADA book value. The book value uses make, trade name, size and year built to determine a base structure value. A comparable based appraisal requires a licensed appraiser to research prior sales in the area that are similar in size and age to the subject property to determine a market value. When a home is located outside of a leased land community the value is subject to the NADA book value method only.

  7. What is the minimum credit score needed to qualify for your refinance or purchase programs?
    Generally we require a credit score 660 or higher. There are some exceptions to this score, but the lowest score we will consider is a 650.

  8. Do you have a minimum or maximum loan amount?
    There is no minimum or maximum loan amount restriction on our programs. Limitations can apply due to the loan to value or debt to income ratios only.

  9. What are Credit Human's debt ratio requirements?
    To qualify for a loan through Credit Human a customer is required to have a debt to income ratio of 34/45. The (34%) is based on anticipated housing debts (home payment, taxes, insurance and land or lot costs) divided into the customer’s monthly income. The (45%) is based on the overall debts (new home payment, taxes, insurance, land or lot costs and all other current monthly debts) divided into the customer’s gross monthly income.

  10. Does Credit Human offer co-signer programs?
    Credit Human does not offer co-signer programs. Co-borrowers must live in the home with the same intended use. We finance primary and vacation homes only.

  11. Does Credit Human offer programs for applicants with Individual Tax Identification?
    An (ITIN) is an Individual Taxpayer ID number issued by the IRS to Individuals who are required to have a US taxpayer ID number but are not eligible to a obtain a Social Security number from the Social Security Administration. Credit Human requires all applicants to have an unrestricted social security card which are issued to US citizens and people lawfully admitted to the United States on a permanent basis and allows the person to work without restriction.