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At Credit Human, we provide unrivaled customer service and a commitment to deliver financing options for manufactured homes classified as personal property, that are second to none. We create unique financing solutions for every customer and our cutting-edge systems keep our business partners informed and up to date, while taking the hassle out of manufactured home financing.

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Five reasons retailers choose Credit Human

  1. Experience: Members of our staff have decades of experience in completing chattel loans in 41 states.
  2. No formal sign up required: Licensed retailers are eligible to have Credit Human as a financing option for customers without completing a formal sign up process.
  3. Stay informed: Our SUN (Status Update Notification) system can send automatic updated as your customer moves through the loan process.
  4. Products: We offer innovative chattel financing for new and used HUD-code manufactured homes that other lenders do not offer.
  5. Quality service: When your customer chooses Credit Human we will go the extra mile striving to meet the highest standard of professional courtesy.

Five reasons communities choose Credit Human

  1. New and used home purchase programs: We provide loans for newly sited manufactured homes or re-sales with no minimum or maximum loan amount restrictions. We also do person to person sales.
  2. Refinance programs: We offer rate and term as well as equity-out refinance loan programs for borrowers in communities. Help your residents reduce home payments or consolidate debts today.
  3. Dedicated MLO service: Our staff of dedicated Mortgage Loan Originators will assist potential and current residents throughout the loan process. Our service keeps the community and staff safe from compliance concerns.
  4. Communication: Community management and related sales staff receive automatic email notifications throughout the loan process. This helps communities stay informed through technology about loans in process.
  5. Solutions provided: Regardless if your resident or potential resident qualifies for a loan with Credit Human, our staff provides solutions that give the applicant the dignity they deserve.

Five reasons real estate agents choose Credit Human

  1. Home only specialists: We provide loans for homes that are considered personal property only. This is our focus not just a product we offer.
  2. Prequalification service: Credit Human provides a live person to interview potential loan candidates over the phone. This interview determines if lender and borrower are a good match prior to the application process for a loan.
  3. Marketing assistance: Credit Human has free consumer facing materials that promote the manufactured home lifestyle while providing info on financing options.
  4. Communication: Agents receive auto email notifications throughout the loan process detailing the status of their customer and client’s loan files. This helps agents stay informed through technology rather than having to inquire about a borrower’s loan progress by phone.
  5. Solutions provided: Regardless if your customer or client qualifies for a Credit Human loan, financing solutions are provided to the potential borrower treating them with the dignity they deserve.

Five reasons mortgage brokers choose Credit Human

  1. Loan products for personal property: Credit Human specializes in finance and refinance programs for manufactured homes which are titled as personal property not offered by conventional and local lenders.
  2. Ease of use: Mortgage Brokers can simply complete our brief MLO referral form and submit. It’s that easy. Our staff manages the process from application to funding.
  3. No processing duties: Credit Human takes on almost every originating duty in the loan process. This includes gathering conditions, ordering appraisals, scheduling closings and communicating all aspects of a borrower’s loan with the borrower directly.
  4. Commission paid regardless of loan size: We do not have a minimum or maximum loan amount. We pay, commission to licensed originators, for delivering prospective customers that complete the loan process in a state in which the referring MLO is licensed and has a sponsoring institution or mortgage broker.
  5. Communication: Once files are submitted, mortgage brokers can choose to receive automatic e-mail notifications throughout the loan process. This allows our partnering brokers to stay informed of their loan pipeline through technology.

Five reasons credit unions choose the CU2CU program offered by Credit Human

  1. Additional products to offer members: Credit Human specializes in finance and refinance programs for manufactured homes that are titled as personal property. Partnering with Credit Human provides hard to find lending solutions for your members.
  2. No additional resources required: Our CU2CU partner program has low impact on your existing resources and staff. Our staff of registered originators will assist your members from start to finish collecting loan conditions and answering transactional questions.
  3. Communication: Once your member’s file is submitted, our credit union partners can choose to receive automatic e-mail updates throughout the loan process. This allows transaction related staff and management to stay informed through technology with loans in process.
  4. No member solicitation: Becoming a partner in the CU2CU program, Credit Human agrees not to solicit participating credit union members for any products other than products related to the manufactured home.
  5. Compensation: Through our CU2CU partner program credit unions earn a commission on every referred member’s funded manufactured home loan amount regardless of size. The loan must fund in a state in which the participating credit union is registered.