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Monthly payment

Once you have obtained your manufactured home loan with Credit Human you will be required to make a monthly payment to repay the loan. This typically begins 30 days after the loan funds. Monthly payments are made up of the following four components:

Principal: The portion of the payment that goes toward paying down the balance of the loan.

Interest: The portion of the payment that goes to the lender based on the interest rate offered.

Taxes: The amount of money collected that goes to the county/city based on the value of your home only. Taxes for land are separate and not collected in conjunction with a chattel loan monthly payment.

Insurance: The amount of money that is collected to pay your annual insurance premium once it is due.

All loans offered through Credit Human require the creation of an Escrow/Impound Account. The taxes and insurance portion of your monthly payment is collected in this account to be paid by us, as your lender, when they are due.