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Submitting loan conditions

After notification of approval, the next step is to submit the documents outlined in our detailed approval letter. These required documents are requested to verify the information that was provided on the initial application. The ability to complete your loan is based upon satisfactory review of these documents. 

Please send your required documents to us via email:, via toll-free fax 800-355-1807, or by mail:

Credit Human
60 Lake St, Ste 200
St. Albans, VT 05478

If you have further questions, please contact us.



E‐Mail Communications 
You acknowledge and agree that the Internet is considered inherently insecure. While Credit Human Federal Credit Union takes online security seriously, we understand you may desire to send information and documents (including documents with your personal information) to us electronically. We have alternative channels available for you to provide us with the information and documents including, but not limited to: mail, toll‐free fax. By choosing to e‐mail your information and documents, you agree that Credit Human Federal Credit Union will not be liable to you whatsoever for any loss, claim or damages arising or in any way related to your submission of information or documents via e‐mail and we will not be liable to you in any way related to our response(s) to any e‐mail or other electronic communication that we in good faith believe you have submitted to us. We have no duty to investigate the validity or to verify any e‐ mail or other electronic communication. Therefore, we may respond to any e‐mail at either the address provided with the Communication, the e‐mail address in your Membership Account Agreement, or any other application or written communication actually received by us.